virtual coin; ¿What is the bitcoin?; it is more used in the actuality

virtual coin

It is the virtual coin more used in the actuality by users to world-wide level, to make transactions of sending and reception of money through an electronic web, doing use of operations resembled the banking in the reality.

Resembles to the real monetary system, only that it cannot touch, since his use restricts to the virtual. Has a lot of advantages to be used by the people, but with the impossibility to be carried to the tangible like other coins of daily use, like the yen, dollar and euro.

Also, It makes of virtual way, where can buy goods and services or even purchase currencies by which change the coin. It is a safe and automatic payment

and with possibilities to be reliable, free and feasible to the hour of the payments

virtual coin Characteristics more outstanding

  • Any state controls it, what wants to say that it is free.
  • What infers that any institution can regulate it
  • Also, It possesses a system regulated by the cryptocurrency that does it safe in front of frauds,
  • by what cannot falsify, where the users handle his own transactions that are very safe.
  • The owner spend the money, in what they want to or wish with total freedom.
  • It does not exist regulation by any financial institution, like the banks,
  • by what the transactions that do are direct and fast.
  • Once that it transfers a payment, this cannot give back,
  • also, by what it is necessary to be 100% insurance of the transactions that go to make.
  • virtual coin: Can change by different currencies such as the dollar or the euro,
  • of agreement to the quantity that have or possess, doing that it turn into coin
  • that it can have to the hand and touch. It can be that in a future,
  • this avenges to turn into the coin that govern to the world, and
  • virtual coin all the transactions make to level of bitcoin, from any telephone without
  • and also need to have a coin in the hand.
  • It keeps the privacy of the user, by what does not reveal the identity of the person that makes the payments or transactions.
  • Also The money is personal of each individual, by what haven’t a touch,
  • taken part or do bad use of him without consent of the person.
  • It is totally safe and easy to handle.

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