cryptology; ¿How it works the cryptology?


cryptology; It is a science that commissions to go back words, letters and numbers

in codes so that they can use like something secret or unseen,

and at the same time, also can decipher any message with this method.

It is like designing messages so that they cannot be read by other people or odd, that can use the contained in this,

so that no it use against of third people.

For this, has to study very well symbols and symbolizes so that it can be expert in decipher messages.

It is not necessary to have a previous knowledge to go back a studious in the

use of languages encoded, that has gone back

in a need for the governments in the world, the trade in general and the communication.

It treats to have messages encoded, so that an expert and authorized by the company or the interested in knowing the content of the message, can to decipher, as long as firm an agreement of confidentiality, without that other people can know what is what says.

Regarding the use of this science in the cryptocurrency, to make the work of change of coin or have effective, with messages and skilled codes in protection of these, to have them in an enclosed circle, so that no all the world can go in in the use of this and take advantage of the moment to try sabotage the system with which it is working.

The undue use of the internet, finds in a lot of parts of the world, what causes that they can do attacks cybernetic and formulate grave problems in the users.

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cryptology; Contributions of the cryptology.

  • cryptology; It studies the appearances related with the communication,
  • and the importance of the privacy and personal security in the accounts that have in internet.
  • It encrypts the message so that afterwards it can be read, through a key or code.
  • It is a security that has to implement anytime in that it have an only and exclusive information,
  • that does not have a read by third people or strangers
  • that can use the information for discredit or keep the use owed of her.
  • It uses technicians to do a message that cannot read by other people
  • that haven’t an interested in the content of the message.
  • It does that the communications and banking products are safe and secrets.
  • cryptology; It bases in the development and the stability in the ecommerce.

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