Bitcoin price keeps rallying high

Bitcoin market
Bitcoin market

The Bitcoin market is usually a little bit bully if we talk about value, the BTC/USD rate went above $1050 within a few hours.

The BTC price did shot up after a lack a positive activity,

thus making the buy pressure outpace the selling one. The new resistance level is on $1065 by now,

and again, the price went up after a lack of positive activity.

Seems to be that this new strategy is constantly changing the BTC/USD rates,

every single chart shows a lack of activity followed by a rush active deals making rates go high.

The new resistance level could be easily broken with another large amount of sell orders like it did before.

Bitcoin market

The bitcoin market is all about buy low sell high.

Traders are keeping positive as the Charts show that BTC/USD exchange rate is going higher in a nearly future.

However, there is no consistent way to know if the BTC/USD rates are going up or down,

yet there are some good signals that can show that the rates are going up or at least staying like they are.

  • Bitcoin market have ussualy an affect by sudden overturns, the Price usually goes up after a lack of positive activity.
  • The rate usually goes up after a large amount of big orders and after that it goes down.

The current behavior of the bitcoin market shows that these signals would

help to catch up with the sudden rate increase, yet it won’t last long since the bitcoin market is on a constant change.

Even though the bitcoin is on top of the digital market, it is well known that it have just collapse at any time. So there is a huge potential on the bitcoin market,

but the risks are high too and they should haven’t a underste

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