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bitcoin calculator
bitcoin calculator

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Hardware wallets, high security for your Bitcoins

Although Bitcoin still can’t take the place of the traditional currencies, its importance grows within the world of the economy. This cryptocurrency can’t make use of any bank account, reason why platforms have been established, so, the users of Bitcoin can store the currencies.

The sites and applications for wallets have increased at the same time with the success of Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that many people have been encouraged to enter to this new world. But many who manage the Bitcoins, want a platform where the amount of coins that can be stored is quite large.

Simple software wallets are the ones that most users have, since they allow easier handling of each of the transactions with Bitcoins. However, they are not useful in these cases.
For this, users can use a hardware wallet. They are devices that increase security when handling Bitcoins. It allows you to easily access the coins that you have stored. Also, included features like saving passwords, encrypting and decrypting messages. For an average user, this is not a very practical option.

For those who handle high amounts of Bitcoins, this is the perfect alternative. It will not be easy for someone to try to steal the cryptocurrencies. Hardware wallets are very secure options.

BITCOIN CALCULATOR: The most recommended hardware wallets


The bitcoins is gonna be safe inside the KeepKey. You must approve each transaction. Also, to protect the device, you’ll need to assign a PIN. Thanks to this, if at any moment you lose your KeepKey, nobody can handle your Bitcoins.


One of the most preferred on the market. Its operation is relatively simple, so that users feel comfortable with this device. Your security level is quite high. In case you lose it, includes a security option that allows you to recover all the information inside this one. Your Bitcoins will always be safe. In addition, your protection against malwares is quite high, so you don’t need to worry about cyber-attacks.

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