Billonaire Bitcoins; It designates like this to the virtual coin that is handling nowadays

Billonaire Bitcoins

Billonaire Bitcoins; It designates like this to the virtual coin that is handling nowadays, arisen in the 2008 and that after several years,

begins to have big importance through the world of the internet, and regarding banking transactions refers, improving the

use of this system and doing that several countries to world-wide level.

Are adopting it for electronic payments. Has a code open,

so that the public can handle it, but each user has his special key that is transferable,

helping that a lot of people can participate in him.

It carries a register of all transaction done by each user, that comes to be as a notebook of savings or a common in the operations of a normal bank, but that in the virtual world handles with a book of accounting where all the information has.

Using the virtual monetary unit to which have access and that comes to represent the capital exclusive that possess the users. It works through the network, where can do diverse transactions and that are used to do in base to a decentralization in which it distributes the transactions done by each user.

Can handle to world-wide level the same that a coin any one like the dollar or the euro, that are the main that govern in the world, by his big peak in the markets and stock exchanges international, but that also can exchange by goods and services of the user that require it. It comes to be a coin of virtual use, but that has big importance to level of the real.

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Billonaire Bitcoins ¿For what serve?

  • It receives and it sends money through transactions of transfers very easy
  • , and that do not require of a specific confirmation.
  • All does of virtual or electronic way through the web of internet.
  • Little commission to make the transactions.
  • It handles in diverse devices that have access to internet, from a telephone until a computer.
  • It is a coin of safe type, due to the fact that has his foundation in the cryptography,
  • by what all transaction does of private form. Safe, personal and reliable.
  • they are developing Diverse coins, but the most used and known
  • is the one who receives the name of bitcoin.
  • It is safe, since when being handled with cryptography, avoids the fraud.

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